Tips on Choosing Debt Consolidation Companies

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When it comes to dealing with debt problems you have to pay extra caution with every new action you take. A lot of debt consolidation companies can offer you the perfect solution for your problems, but the service quality and reliability that they have may vary from case to case.

Differentiating between the good companies and the less responsible ones is sometimes hard, especially since their initial offers sound very appealing. A low interest loan is the main offer of all debt consolidation companies and here are a few tips on how to choose the company that will provide you with a maximum number of benefits.

Debt consolidation companies and their reputation.


A long list of successfully solved debt problems doesn’t guarantee success in your individual case, but it shows you that the chances are high.

Looking for a reputable debt consolidation company is almost a necessity, especially for your peace of mind, but also for your wallet. Of course, established firms will tend to charge a little more, but the initial higher investment will probably pay off on a long-term basis.

Ask the debt consolidation company whether they will allow you to contact one of their previous clients and ask for a description of the services. Most of the times the client list is confidential, but you might run into someone who is willing to share their experience and that will provide you with valuable info on the company services.

Avoid loophole loans.

Also known as balloon loans, they give you the possibility of paying the loan over an extended period – five years or more.

The monthly payments are very low, but, at the end of the period, you will have to pay the full loan. This means that after a five or ten year period you will still have to pay a large amount of money, since the low monthly payments barely covered the interest fees. This is usually a very tempting offer, at first glance, but it may have disastrous effects on a long run.

Non profit debt consolidation companies.

Many people see the non profit term as a sign that they will be treated correctly and that there are no hidden interests in the loan process. Do not rely on this thought entirely, as some non profit organizations that deal with debt consolidation may either be less professional or they might even take advantage of your problems.

Understand the payment process completely.

If a company presents you with a debt consolidation plan, make sure to study it yourself before accepting it. If something is not clear, ask the company representatives to explain it to you until it becomes so. Even the tiniest detail in a loan contract may become a large obstacle in the future, if you misinterpret its meaning. It also helps to do the math yourself, not just to rely on what the company is offering you.

Double check if the debt consolidation company plan is clear and exact, and make your choice only when you are 100% sure of the terms.

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