Devising Newer Ways of Repayment

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If there had been no requirement to repay the loan or mortgage, how good would it have been? This is what most people think when the monthly repayments need to be made. They are never able to improve the situation, but try as hard as they can.

To compensate for the loan, the creditor has to cut his monthly expenses. The sum to be repaid shall comprise the principal amount of the loan and the interest determined on the basis of the prevailing market interest rate. This is the conventional repayment form.

Ways of Repayment

For a simple repayment, the loan sum is split into a variety of tiny pieces. The number of parts is equal to the repayment term. Therefore, if the loan or mortgage is to be repaid over a span of five years, 60.0 would be the amount of equivalent parts of the loan. It is important to make the repayments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In order to minimize a borrower ‘s burden, a change in the process above was made. As in the earlier system, the borrower is expected to pay daily monthly instalments. The borrower will pay the remaining balance of the loan with a single balloon payment after a certain number of installments.

An interest-only repayment is an alternative to the conventional form of repayment. The creditor is expected to pay only the interest in this sort of repayment. The balance on the loan is repaid in full at the completion of the repayment term or any specific time period chosen by the borrower.

In the interest only method, the monthly repayment is much smaller than in the former method. This is since, in the case of the former, the monthly repayment contains both principal and interest. It is on this account that individuals choose to repay only through the interest process. This repayment process, however, raises the loan rate.

To repay the loan or mortgage at the end of the repayment period, a repayment vehicle is formed. A monthly figure must be paid into the repayment vehicle by the borrower.

The most significant repayment mechanisms are pensions, endowment plans and individual savings accounts. For repayment of the loan or mortgage number, pensions are commonly used. In the case of a pension scheme, an additional benefit is that the employer pays half of the pension amount. Effectively speaking, thus, the creditor spends just half of the repayment sum. These repayment vehicles, being tax free, provide a cheap means of repayment.

The payment of principal and interest in one installment is another form of repayment that is not very common but can be used for short term loans. This is useful for individuals who need funds during contingencies. When the situation changes, they will pay off the loan. An benefit of this type of loan is that the rate of interest is lower.

If you find that the above strategies are strict as to the number of monthly installments and the mode of repayment, then it would be helpful to make equivalent principal payments. In the decreasing balance phase, the interest in this method is determined. Thus, it implies that the repayments change according to the reduced balance every month.

Another repayment form is early or late repayment of the loan or mortgage (if allowed by the lender). Before signing any loan and mortgage papers, one must correctly see if the lender does not forbid early repayment with a penalty clause. Refinancing a loan or remortgaging a mortgage will allow clients to get early repayment rebates. The loan or mortgage is then passed to another lender. Borrowers will also benefit from a lower rate of interest and an early redemption refund.

Whatever the option chosen, the redemption of the loan or mortgage in full will be the ultimate end of it. There are their respective pros and cons of all kinds of repayment. In order to derive the best method of repayment, a perfect balance must be formed between the pros and cons of the repayment methods and the individual financial state. There is not always a simple return from a specific repayment process. For one’s financial wellbeing, an inaccurate repayment plan may be precarious.

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